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Keeping Up With The Yahoo Saga

Recently Yahoo announced the Yahoo! Groups format was going to change.

The resulting outcry caused Yahoo to back down a bit, but whether or not the backing down will be permanent remains to be seen.

Some of the reasons folks were up in arms about the changes may have been misunderstandings; however, the changes do seem to be due to the fact that Yahoo fears being left behind in the heavily popular world of social networking. What the folks behind the scene at Yahoo! Groups failed to realize, a huge number of the members want to keep their identities (profiles) and posts private and do not want to be on a Facebook look-a-like.

What ever the final outcome may be, I expect there will be a fallout and eventually a number of the Groups will go away while others may thrive.

Maybe they will go to the new Facebook Groups! How will those work? PC Mag tells us how.

Yahoo says they are not going to force the new look on us, but that's not what they are telling the world.

To keep up with the coming changes and issues that Yahoo recognizes, (there are many issues they don't seem to recognize) read the Yahoo blog posts.