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Stop Yahoo!Updates

Yahoo! seems to think we don't get enough email.

So Yahoo! being the great mind reader decided we need to know if someone uploads a file. Now since we have the option to tell our members when a file is uploaded, I don't know why the powers that be in Yahoo! decided to send update emails to every member (even those who have their settings to no mail).

So some folks want to turn off those email updates, but seem to have a problem finding how to do it.

Yahoo kindly provided a link to the Updates Email page.  It is almost hidden it is so light in color. Hopefully this link is easier to find. Screenshot of Updates page.

The question everyone wants to know (besides Why!) is how to stop those updates emails! Screenshot

When you click the MyGroups link you will be taken to a page showing all your Groups. (Or you will be taken to the Yahoo login page if you aren't logged in.) Screenshot

Now you can edit the way your emails are handled. 

There are several options here.  While you are on this screen look them over.  But the main one is to uncheck the box by 'Send Daily Updates Email'. Screenshot

Why does Yahoo! make us 'opt out?