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Questions and Answers About Security Programs

Here are some important things to know.

A firewall is NOT a virus scanner or a spyware remover. Use only one firewall. No exceptions!
A virus scanner is NOT a firewall or a spyware remover. Use only one virus scanner. No exceptions!
A spyware scanner is NOT a firewall or a virus scanner. Use as many as you can! But only use one that runs in the background all the time!

Some virus scanners, but not many, do scan for spyware. NOD32 is a virus scanner and a spyware scanner. There may be others, but not many.


Q. Why do I need a firewall? Doesn't Windows have a firewall?
A. You need a firewall to keep spyware programs from calling out and to keep bad guys from getting in (to your computer). Windows has a firewall, but it is a one way firewall. It won't stop spyware from calling out.

Q. If I have a firewall that keeps spyware programs from calling out, why do I need spyware removers?
A. A firewall will not keep spyware off your computer because many times spyware is installed by you. You may not realize that the new program you just installed has a spyware attached. If you don't read all of the user agreements while you are installing a program, you may be agreeing to install spyware. However, even if you do read the user agreements, some user agreements may not tell you there is spyware being installed. You can also get 'drive by spyware by going to a site that will install the spyware without your knowledge. There are other ways to get spyware as well. A firewall will keep hackers out, but will not prevent spyware from installing.

Q. If I have a firewall, will it keep virus off my computer?
A. A firewall will not keep virus off your computer.

Q. Can I use two firewalls?
A. No.

Q. Where can I get a firewall?
A. There are a lot of third-party firewalls available. Some of them are free and some are not free. There are a number of Internet Security Suites available for pay that include firewalls. Here is a website that will give some idea about which firewall you may want to try.