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You Have Infections! or Scammed!

'To remove the virus and spyware, just pay us and they will be removed.'

This message or something similar is being seen by a lot of computer users these days. Many 'questionable' websites have popups that display this type of warning. It is of course a big fat scam and if the user does pay, now the user really does have 'Infections' as these programs are in fact spyware of the worst kind. When the user pays for the 'program', he/she is in fact paying for an insidious method of getting trojans and worms that will really put the user at risk. If the computer is used for financial sites, the trojans will send logins and passwords to a criminal who will then use those credentials to loot the user's accounts.

So the user is ripped off twice, once by paying for the program that does not do what it says it will do and second because the program in fact just downloads the very things that cause 'infections'.

Because there are too many crimeware programs that claim they will clean your computer of spyware, virus and other infections, NEVER use a search engine like Yahoo or Google to find a good spyware remover. A good many of these 'programs' have names almost exactly the same as legitimate programs. This makes it easy to fool unsuspecting searchers to think they are getting 'the real deal' when in fact they will be ripped off if they buy the phony program. Not only will they not be getting a program to protect their computer, sometimes they are getting one that will infect it with more malware!

Don't fall for this bogus spyware trick!