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Computer Help and Discussion Rules

1. Please do not post religious or political topics. This includes your signatures.

2. Keep in mind, the name of our group contains discussion, this means that topics other than computers can be discussed.

3. Respect the other members of the group! This means no flaming, insulting or otherwise derogatory remarks.

4. This is a family oriented group. No bad language, rudeness, vulgarity or profanity will be permitted. This includes email addresses with words that are obscene or otherwise that could be considered objectionable.

5. When replying to messages, please delete all unnecessary information from previous messages, including; List footers, Yahoo ad's, Anti-Virus footers, "non text portion etc, for the benefit of members on dialup and/or digest mode. (Failure to comply may result in a member being put on 'unable to post' status.)

6. Please do not post virus warnings! You may send these to the group owners/moderators ( for review.

7. Do not post sites that endorse software piracy, bootlegging, illegal hacking or cracking and we do not allow the discussion of these subjects.

8. Please request permission from the owners/moderators before advertising another group. Links in signatures must go to 'Family Friendly' sites. Please avoid links to political or religious sites and to sites for personal gain.

9. If a member contacts another member on or off list with a derogatory message, uses foul language or otherwise inflammatory words, the owners/moderators will take disciplinary measures up to and including banning the member.

10. Please use proper English when posting. This is a Yahoo Group, not a chat room! In order to avoid confusion when posting, please do not use text message abbreviations.

In addition, we request members to please refrain from cross posting. (Posting the same question to more than one Group at a time.)

If in doubt, refer to Yahoo Groups Guidelines.  See also Groups Netiquette for using greetings and signatures!

Please read our virus policy.