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Replying to Posts

Sometimes a reply to a post is just too confusing.

A lot of times when members ask for help, they are not really 'up' on most things computerese. It is important to remember this!

Sometimes members get carried away with responses, leaving the original poster more confused than they were; sometimes they won't bother to ever post again as they feel like they have been made to feel dumb. (This has happened to me on occasion!)

The problems with replies can be alleviated a lot of times if the poster will just read it over after composing and before sending/posting.

Does it make sense?  Is it way too 'wordy'? (long and confusing)

Sometimes a member may think a long reponse is necessary, but usually a shorter reponse is more easily understood.

Something to consider by the responding poster; if they consistantly make long and confusing posts, most folks won't bother to read them!

On another note, replying to posts should be relevant.  There is no need to be sarcastic, insulting or otherwise 'not nice'. (That can lead to being banned.)

Points to remember: