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Some Hints for Posting

Sometimes folks wonder why their posts go unanswered or wonder why no one responds to a reply.. There may be several reasons.

For instance, the folks who could answer the problem are not online. (Some of us do have a life besides on a list.)

However the fault could lie with the poster.

There are a number of folks who belong to more than one Yahoo Group. (Like me!) We get a lot of messages. A LOT of messages!

If I have to scroll through several previous messages with lots of >>> in the post and more than one of the long footers that Yahoo attaches to get to the bottom of the message, I may not always bother. While bottom posting is considered by many to be the correct way to reply, it does not work well on any kind of list where there are many posts. Nothing is more aggravating to have to scroll through a very long reply to see just one line like 'that didn't work'.

So please, if you want your post/reply to be read by all, top post! (And trim!)

We want our members to trim their messages if they are replying to a post. This does not mean everything should be removed, but all of the 'junk' like >>> and the long footers should be removed. What is pertinent to the question/problem needs to be left in the reply.  And PLEASE! if you are using the Daily Digest, follow these hints!

Another reason a post may not be answered, we don't understand what you are asking. So then we have to clarify with you exactly what the problem may be. Some of us don't use chat and/or text messages and we want you to use real words and punctuation always helps.

Some people are only interested in a reply to their question/problem. So if a responder changes the subject line, they may not realize their question was answered. (Don't change the subject line, ever! And please don't 'hijack' a post. Start a new one with a new subject line!) Please use a subject that has meaning!

We understand you may not know how to exactly phrase your problem or write a comprehensive subject line. Just try to explain the problem as best you can and we will try to answer as best we can.

Please use regular English, not texting talk and not chat talk.

Posting in plain text is preferred. If you post in HTM format, a lot of garbage (unable to read) gets attachec to your post. In addition, any previous postings that are left in your post so others can follow the thread may also appear as garbage. Example:

One more thing, please when posting to the Group, do NOT use BCC or undisclosed recipients.  This just plays the dickens with those of us who download our messages and use filters.  It also may cause your posts to go to a spam filter!

Happy posting!  (Read You Asked for Help, Information Needed and Posting Hints for the Daily Digest)