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Murray's SP2 Install Tutorial

(Martha's note: Backup all important files to external media first, just in case)

Here is what you will want to do when preparing for the SP2 install

1. Clean all spyware-- the spy cleaners you will need are these
three--Spyware blaster 3.4, SpyBot Search & Destroy 1.4 and Adaware SE 1.03

2. Clean temp and temp internet files--I like the proggie Crap Cleaner & reg

3. Update and run your AntiVirus and run online scans with HouseCall and Panda.

4. Disable LAN in Network Connections

5. Run chkdsk and do a defrag

6. Uncheck all except keyboard (if special) and mouse (if special) and also
move icons from the Startup folder on the start menu>all programs to a
"disable startup folder"

Here are links for the msconfig items so you know what each is and whether it is required at startup.

7. Reboot the computer and check to see all items have been disabled -- look
in notification tray.

8. Install SP2 selecting what you want to occur regarding OE, firewall etc.
if prompted.

9. Reboot and run defrag

10. Check some programs such as WordPad, image files etc to be sure they
operate correctly.

11. Recheck items you want in msconfig startup and put back items in the startup folder on the start menu.

12. Reboot the computer

13. Enable LAN

14. Open OE and make sure email is ok and the way you want it, surf the net
and log into messaging service(s).

Also, there is no need to pay for spy cleaners as the freeware ones including
the most important one of all made by MS (well via Giant) are freeware

Spyware blaster 3.4

SpyBot Search & Destroy 1.4 final

Adaware SE 1.06

Microsoft AntiSpy (for NT based computers)