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What CHAD Moderators Don't or Can't Do

We cannot change your email address for you even if you have more than one email address in your profile. You will have to logon to CHAD and change your email yourself if you need to change the address.

If your email address is bouncing, we cannot change it to 'not bouncing'. We can send a request to un-bounce, but if your mail box is full, it will still be bouncing.

If you unsubscribe and are still receiving posts from CHAD, we cannot help you.  This is a 'Yahoo' thing and sometimes Yahoo is slow to make changes. Just be patient and eventually the posts will stop.

We cannot guarantee a 'fix' for a computer problem will work. Most of the time a fix as provided by a member may and probably will work. However some 'fixes' members may provide may actually cause worse problems. (Not often)

We don't 'do' virus as we are not virus experts.  Without access to your machine we cannot tell you what virus you may have been infected with and we will just delete any virus laden emails sent to us. If you need to know what virus you have, send it to your virus scanner maker. They may or may not tell you what it is, but we won't because we can't. Delete these emails without opening them. Update and run your virus scanner or scan your computer with one of the online scanners

We can't tell you who sent you that virus, worm, trojan, etc. Along with spam emails, these emails are all 'spoofed'. The IP address won't tell us anything as the spoofed emails are generally sent from a 'zombie' that is part of a 'botnet'. Again, delete these emails unopened.