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With the advent of Yahoo's new (and hated by group owners/moderators) interface, neo, this will only work if your Group has no more than 1000 members and from what I hear from other owner/moderators, it doesn't really work all that well.

So good luck with trying to find that so and so that is posting all your group's post on a blog. It can still be done, but it will be a lot harder without a good member list!

Maybe sometime in the future Yahoo will fix this, but I am certainly not going to hold my breath!

For Moderators

How to save a member list to an Excel or .csv file.

To save a Yahoo Member list to an Excel file, first click Members and then Export.

The page will show all of the members, listed in alphabetical order. Click Select All from your browser menu and the click Copy. Open notepad and select paste. The members list is now in notepad. Click save as and use the option 'Save as' and the option 'all files'. Type the name you choose like this format: mymembers.csv

Now while still in notepad, click Replace under the Edit menu.

Replace What (type ') Replace with ( ) Without the ( )and press Replace all.

This will remove all of the ' marks so you can do effective sorts in Excel.

Save the document as a .csv file being sure to select the all file types and open in Excel or your Open Office spreadsheet.

Now you can format the column widths to show all the information and you can also delete the columns with no data.

If you are using Excel 2007, you can use Linda's conditional formatting tool to highlight different text fields to make custom sorts.

For other Excel versions use this tutorial instead.

To search for a member in a group, click Members and then Export. You will get a plain text file listed in alpha order.

While on your members listing, on your browser menu click Edit/ find in this page. In the Find field, type '' without the quotes.