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You are in Charge!

You are in charge of how you receive your Yahoo posts. You are also in charge of leaving the Group if you decide to leave.

Moderators can change how you receive posts, but that is really not their job. Moderators have enough to do without doing something you should do. This includes unsubscribing.

To change how you receive your posts, login to Yahoo with your ID and password. If you wish, you can use the link in the email you receive from a Yahoo Group. Just about every post has a link toward the bottom for visiting your group on the web. Just click that link (you may be asked to sign in) and it will take you to your Group. There is a link toward the top, generally just over your Groups name, to 'Edit Membership'. This will bring up a page that has a number of options.

If you have more than one profile you can choose which profile to use. You can also add a new profile.

You can choose which email address to use or add a new email address or delete an old address.

You can choose your method of message delivery.

1. Individual Email. Generally for users who read email in a program like Outlook Express or Thunderbird. (There are a lot of email programs, these are mentioned as examples.)

2. Daily Digest. Some folks don't want a lot of Individual email, so they choose this option.

3. Special Notices. This is for people who don't want much mail but want to keep informed if something really important happens. I belong to a lot of Yahoo groups and have never received a Special Notice.

4. Web only, or No mail. This option is for people who prefer to read posts on the web. They just prefer to read stuff online.. This is also an option for people who are going on vacation, etc and can't read their email for awhile. Choosing this option will prevent their Yahoo membership from going into a 'bouncing' status. If your email is constantly bouncing for Yahoo, choose No Mail. Keep in mind, if you receive mail for another Group you can still go into a bouncing status for all Groups, even if they are on no mail.

If you make changes, you must click 'Apply' for the changes to take effect. Sometimes Yahoo is slow to apply the changes so please be patient.

Last but not least, here is where you can unsubscribe from the Group.