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Joining a Yahoo Group

There are so many Yahoo Groups and there is something for everyone regardless of the interest or type.

The process of joining a group varies from Group to Group. Some require an approval before you are officially a member, while others add you as a member right away.

Some Groups have additional requirements to join, such as completing and returning a survey and some will require you to send an email to the Group owner telling the owner why you want to join. The extra steps are generally an effort to prevent spammers from joining and spamming the Group members.

One of step often required is to complete a section for comments. This section is for telling the Group owners/moderators why you want to join the Group. Unfortunately, this is very much abused.

Does 'hi' or something similar tell anyone why you want to join? It may be polite, but isn't a reason to want to join. (This is often a spammer tactic).

Do random characters tell anyone why you want to join a Group? This seems insulting and very rude to me.  It's too bad Yahoo's servers don't recognize random characters and disallow them.

Copying and pasting stuff from the Join page is really a 'bit over the top' in rudeness. Not a good thing to do, but it has worked for some Groups.

Why is it so hard to tell the owner/moderators the real reason you want to join? It doesn't require a lot of thought to tell them you want to join because you need help, you want to converse with people with similar interests, etc.

Try to be a little more polite. Instead of typing 'hi', 'hello', 'thanks', 'good' into comments field, tell the owner/moderators why you really want to join. I fear folks who type 'hi' really know very well the language of the Group.

One last reason to tell owners/moderators why you want to join. Remember about the survey? If your survey ended up in your spam filter, those comments may get you approved if they are a real reason to join, even if the survey gets lost along the way.

By the way, it isn't a good idea to harass the owner/moderator with emails telling them how to run their Group. That will just about ensure your membership will be denied, removed and maybe banned.