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What is a Help List?

Pretty much what it sounds like, or at least that's what it should be.

Every list, no matter what the type, should and usually does have 'rules'.

Rules are set due to the fact there are always some folks that want to 'make waves' and cause disruptions among the list members. Some rules are there to make everything run smooth once the rules are fully understood by the members. 'Threading' and 'trimming' are the most misunderstood for members of a list.

While rules enforcement must and should be implemented, there are times when rules must be taken with less 'enforcement'.

Simply put, there will always be members that just don't 'get it'.

These are the folks that really need help the most, because they can't figure out how to help themselves. While list owners/moderators may become frustrated with these members, it is never appropriate to insult these folks with heavy-handed "What don't you understand" or similar messages on or off-list. These are the members that really need help and the owners/moderators should take that into consideration when applying rules.

A list can be successful if the owners/moderators will just remember, not everyone is computer literate and most folks don't want to know how to do everything.  They just want help fixing a problem or understanding what a particular program may or may not do.

It is never good to alienate members by constantly berating them. This can cause a Group to eventually lose members and ultimately fail to thrive.