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Yahoo Groups 'Gotchas'!

I love my Yahoo Groups, but sometimes it seems like Yahoo is trying to see how far it can aggravate us!

Some of the 'gotchas' we have experienced with Yahoo Groups include the following things:

1. Yahoo stops sending us posts. Yahoo doesn't send every post or occasionally skips some posts. Checking the spam filters and no posts there may mean Yahoo skipped the posts. This can be with only one Group, a few Groups or all of our Groups.

2. Yahoo starts sending two or more of every post. This can be with only one Group, a few Groups or all of our Groups. Not every member of the Group may experience this duplicate post sending and some may receive more duplicates than others.

3. We unsubscribe from a Group, but Yahoo keeps sending us posts. This may only be for a day, a week or forever. Nothing we do can stop this. (Maybe we can change our email address!)

4. We want Yahoo to send our posts to a new address already located in our profile. We edit settings to no avail; Yahoo keeps sending posts to the original address. (This is happening to me now!)

5. We want to add a new address to our profile. Yahoo keeps going back to the main page and just won't let us add the new address. (This has happened to me in the past. I haven't tried lately.)

6. Yahoo waits a long time to send your posts. You post a message using email and Yahoo waits hours, days sometimes months (maybe never!) to post your message.

7. As mentioned in above, your messages disappear into cyberspace, never to be seen again.  This can happen to messages posted on the website or by email.  It can happen to both moderated and un-moderated members.  No one knows why, not even Yahoo.

8. Yahoo says (on the website) you are bouncing, but Yahoo doesn't tell you that you are bouncing. So if you notice you are not getting your posts, you have to go to the site and find out you are bouncing. Then you have to try to 'unbounce' yourself. (Some Group owner/moderators do this for you, but most don't.)

9. Yahoo says you are bouncing, but when the Owner/Moderators try to fix it, Yahoo says the account is normal. But the member is not receiving posts!

If you know of any other 'gotchas' let me know and I'll add it to the list.