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An Internet Fairy Tale

by Martha

Once upon a time on World Wide Web there was an innocent surfer.
The innocent surfer just loved to see all of the wonderful things on websites.
One day the surfer went to a site that put something bad on the innocent surfer's computer.


The next day the innocent surfer couldn't log on to the Internet.
"What's happening?" The innocent surfer cried!


The innocent surfer called a friend for help.
The friend looked at the innocent surfer's computer and said,
"You are the victim of drive-by spyware!"
"Oh, no! What can I do?" The innocent surfer cried!
"I'll fix your computer this time", said the friend, "But,
"You will have to fix it if it happens again"
"You need to join CHAD and learn how to stop spyware!"
The innocent surfer now was no longer innocent!


The innocent surfer joined CHAD and became an EXPERT!
(Well, it COULD have happened!)