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Yahoo! Groups
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Did You Know This About Yahoo Groups?

Yahoo Groups has many features. You can read posts on the web, or you may be able to receive your posts in an email program on your computer. Some web-based email accounts will not let you download email unless you have a premium (paid) account.

You can customize how you receive email. You can choose to read the posts on the web, just choose Web only. Choose this option if you don't want a ton of email in your Inbox! You can also choose this option when you go on vacation or just want to have a quiet Inbox for a while. No need to unsubscribe!

If you would rather receive a lot of posts in just one message, choose the Daily Digest. This can still fill up your Inbox in a busy Group with lots of members. (It can also cause some confusion if you reply to a post using the Traditional format and forget to change the subject. You also need to trim out everything except the post you reply!) This option might be for you if you are a 'lurker'.

You can choose Fully Featured (HTML) or Traditional. With Fully Featured posts, there are extra links in the posts. Or if you prefer plain text without all of the 'extras, just choose Traditional.

If you belong to a lot of Yahoo Groups and have more than one email address, you might choose to have some Group's posts go to one email address and another Group's posts go to another email address. You can have several email addresses in just one Yahoo ID.

If you change your email address (maybe you changed your ISP), be sure to change your email address for Yahoo Groups. Otherwise you will go into a 'Bouncing' mode and may get removed from your Yahoo Groups.