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How to Change Your Email Address for a Yahoo Group

If you need to change your email address for Yahoo Groups, here's how. (You don't need to re-subscribe!)

Open one of your Yahoo Groups emails and find the link toward the bottom that says:
<*> To visit your group on the web, go to: group name

Click the link and it will take you to your group. At this point you may have to sign in to Yahoo using your Yahoo ID and password.

Then click the link just above the Group name that says 'Edit Membership'.

This will take you to your profile where you can change your email address. Scroll down to the Email Address section. You should see your current email address listed. If you belong to more than one Group and have set up other email addresses, the other email addresses will also be there. If you want to use one of them that is listed, all you have to do is put a dot by the desired address and then be sure to 'Save ' below the email list.

If you have a new email address and it isn't listed, you have to go to your account settings. Click the gear located to the right of the Mail icon. Then click 'Account Info'.

account info

When page loads, click 'Account Security'. You will probably need to re-enter your account password.


Under Account Security click 'Email addresses'. This will show all your email addresses linked to your Yahoo Identity. (You can also delete an old no longer valid/used email address by clicking the trash can icon by the no longer needed email address.)

 Scroll down and click 'Add Recovery Email'

Enter your new email address in the provide field and click 'Send verification email'.

Yahoo will send a verification email to the new email address. When you recive the email, click the link in the email to verify the email.

Now you can go back to the edit membership/Idenity and change your email to the new address.

I think Yahoo likes to make us jump through hoops!

Please note, if you joined by email and do not have a profile, you will not be able to add email or access your Group's online content until you create a profile. A CHAD membership requires a profile.