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The Night After Christmas

T'was the night after Christmas and on every new PC,
Some virus and spyware were trying to see
Just what damage there could possibly be
Inflicted to those users so unhappily
Trying to surf the Internet!


The users were struggling and wanted to surf,
But everything tried just seemed to make it worse.

"Oh, Dear, oh dear" they cried,

"What can the matter be?"

"I can't get my home page"!
"All I can do is get this %^#*! search thing"
"My computer is so slow, it seems to be frozen!"
"My mouse doesn't work, oh dear, oh dear!"
"What can the matter be?"


The spyware was spying,
The virus was spreading,
The new PC users were filled with dreading.
Somewhere there had to be answers,
But nothing could help, poor PC users!

Now there was a good Yahoo Group, CHAD!
"This stuff happening is really bad!"
We will help all you new PC users!"
CHAD mods are saying "Help can be had!"


"Download Ad-aware, Spybot, update and run them! "
"Download AVG, Avast, update and run them!"
"Update Windows! Run that Firewall!"
"Be gone, you virus and spyware!"
"SpywareGuard and SpywareBlaster will keep
away, keep away all those uglies!" They cried.


Then in a twinkling, more or less,
The new CHAD members has to confess.
"You have saved us"! They cried,
"Now we can surf!"
"No more virus or trojans will hurt us!"


So remember dear Readers, ere you leave us tonight,
CHAD will be here, so to all a good-night!