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What is a firewall for a computer and what does it do? A firewall for any computer is implemented to keep the bad guys out. Windows comes with a firewall. The first version of Windows XP did not have the firewall enabled and exposed computers to really ugly stuff as soon as they were connected to the Internet. Once the first service pack was installed (SP1) the firewall was enabled automatically.

A lot of folks don't seem to think the firewall that comes with Windows is all that great, but the later versions of Windows seem to do OK with the default firewall.  Nearly all commercial security apps come with a firewall and a lot of free scanners do as well.

Many of the once free firewalls are gone now.  They have either been purchased by folks like Symantec or just discontinued.

The Comodo firewall is being recommended as the best firewall available, including commercial firewalls. Comodo is free.

Zone Alarm free is no longer recommended as it may use scare tactics to get users to purchase software.  While I have no objection to free versions of software suggesting users buy their products, scaring unsuspecting users is not a good idea.