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What Do The Moderators Do?

1. Chad Moderators watch for Spam! It gets deleted and the spammer gets removed and banned.

2. Chad Moderators approve or deny member requests to join. What is involved with approving or denying a request to join are several things.

The above procedures were put into place due to thieves stealing CHAD posts and posting them on a blog.

3. CHAD Moderators approve or reject moderated posts. Some posts need to be edited, mainly for new folks who don't trim. This is what most of the moderating entails. Sometimes members who are not moderated have been put on moderation for inappropriate posts. This doesn't happen often, when it does happen, it is usually for inappropriate language.

4. CHAD Moderators check the bouncing members list. This mainly involves requests to Yahoo for Email Account Reactivation. There are between 30 and 40 members who are constantly in a bouncing state. They are generally Yahoo email users whose accounts are 'over the limit'. Once or twice a month the member list is checked to be sure no one is using a or a Grouply email address. If one is found, the member will be removed.

(Since requiring the survey to be completed and returned, the number of new members on the bouncing list has greatly diminished. I suspect the survey has prevented people from joining who no longer have a valid email address in their Yahoo profile.)