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Yahoo Says 'Your Account is Bouncing

If for any reason you are not receiving posts, Individual or Daily Digests, make sure you look at the following as one of these may be the reason.

1. Your email address for CHAD has changed and the one you signed up with is no longer valid.

2. Your email address is for a mail box that is 'full', you haven't checked your mail for a period of time and there is no more room for email messages, so the post 'bounces'. This can also happen if you belong to a lot of Yahoo Groups or lists and receive many messages in a day. If someone is sending you attachments with videos or photos, remember those attachments count toward your mail account's allotted quota.

3. Yahoo has 'messed up'. This can happen without any warning and generally but not always, clear up in a few days. The owner/moderators have no control over Yahoo 'messing up'. This seems to happen more often these days.

Sometimes members decide to read their email online after joining with the option to receive individual posts. So even though the member is in a bouncing status they are still reading posts and replying. After so long a time in a 'bouncing' status, the member may be removed, either by the owner/moderators or by Yahoo.

'If Yahoo! Groups determines that an email address has been bouncing for more than 6 months, we may remove it from our system.' This seems to be a random thing, some get deleted and some don't. Only Yahoo knows why!

It is our recommendation 'If you are not receiving direct emails, either Individual posts or Daily Digests but are reading posts online, edit your Yahoo Groups account to a current, valid email address.'

This will ensure you will not be removed from Computer_Help_and_Discussion.

There are rumors that Yahoo is removing members with Yahoo email addresses if the account is 'dormant'.  If your Yahoo ID is connected to a free Yahoo email account, you need to login to read and send email at least every 60 days to prevent a 'dormant' status.