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Why You could Get Banned By a Yahoo Group

Ban or banned:

There are a number of things that can cause a member to be banned from a Yahoo Group.

One thing just about everyone absolutely hates, is spam email. When a group member spams the list, this almost always results in the member being removed from the list and a ban put in place to ensure the member doesn't rejoin. This may not happen if the group is not well moderated or has an 'absent' owner.

One form of spam may not be recognized by some members as spam. This is the type of email 'inviting' someone to join a dubious website such as Grouply, Birthday Club or any of the other myriad 'social networking' sites. This usually happens if a user lets the site have access to their address book, a VERY suspect and dubious practice!

Sending irrelevant posts to the Group Owner/Moderator is another way to be removed from the Group and possible banned. The Owners/Moderators do not have time or the inclination to read these posts.

Harassing, insulting or derogatory posts about another group member may also result in a member being banned from a group. This includes sending unsolicited harassing, insulting or derogatory emails off list to other members.

Harassing the Group Owner/Moderators could get a member banned as well. It is really not a good idea to try to make the group adhere to how you think it should be managed. If you want a Group to be handled your way, get your own Group. You can manage it the way you want, although if you are too fussy you may not have very many members.

Using bad language could get you banned as well. A lot of Groups are 'family friendly', meaning there are members of all ages including children. Obscene email addresses are a big 'no no' for these groups!

Some Groups have rules about what is or isn't allowed, like discussions on religion, politics or off-topic items. Some of these topics can result in very heated discussions and may result in causing hurt feelings or members leaving the Group.

Computer Groups do not usually allow any posting sites that endorse software piracy, bootlegging, illegal hacking or cracking and do not allow the discussion of these subjects. Breaking these rules could even result in a Group being deleted.

Some Groups that are program specific do not allow posts for any other problems. Generally though, other requests will not result in a member being banned unless the poster consistently repeats not-allowed posts.

Ways to avoid being banned or set to 'Unable to post'.

Sometimes a post may sound (unintentionally) like an insult, so it is always best to review what is written before submitting. The written word is not always read the way the writer intends.

If you have a 'naughty' email address, get a new 'family friendly' email address for a Yahoo Group. There are lots of email sites that will let you signup for a free email account.

Be sure your signature does not contain political or religious phrases and does not contain links for political or religious sites

Just follow the rules and you will be OK.