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Neo for Mods

Yahoo decided to make a total change of the format for Yahoo Groups.  While the concept may be good, change is always a bit hard especially since there is no real tutorial for existing owners and moderators. This change is still a work in progress. (I doubt it will ever be as good as the old Yahoo Groups format, at least for those of us not used to this neo format.

Yahoo has a lot of help if you don't find what you need here. Just select a category and click the Help button and you will get Yahoo's help page for that category

Most of the old process is still there, but rather hard to find at times.

Since I like to explain how to do things using pictures (A picture is really worth a thousand words!), there are a lot of screenshots

Pending  How to approve or reject photos, posts or members that are pending

Edit a Pending Post  There are more ways here to edit a pending post.

Manage Members Here you will find the Group's member list , bouncing members and banned members (Wow, a lot of banned members!)

Bouncing Members These members should take care of their bouncing status but some won't or know how.

Control Panel

As the name implies, here is where the Group settings can be edited.

Activity Log

Here you can perform searches for various things, such as 'Bounced' or several other activity including Approved.


The Events is actually the calendar. To access the calendar,