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This site is for members of Computer help and Discussion but everyone is welcome. If you are not a member of CHAD, we invite you to join our Group. 

Please note, this is NOT the official site for CHAD (Computer Help and Discussion), but is intended to provide help for Yahoo Groups members.

If you do decide to join, please put relevant remarks in the Comments section.  We know you want to join, so don't put "I want to join this group". Do put something like "I want to learn more about my computer" or 'I'm having a problem I need help with". Good comments leave a good impression!

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Our Group is moderated and we do not allow posts for software hacks or other illegal requests.

Since experiencing several incidents of blogs copying our posts we have initiated several new methods to keep this from happening again. We require that you have a valid Yahoo ID and that you subscribe using a working email address.  This is to ensure you receive the survey that is sent to all prospective members and must be returned before membership is approved.  (The survey is very simple and doesn't ask you personal questions!)

One other thing to remember, CHAD is a family friendly and kid safe Group, so all email addresses must adhere to those policies and if profiles are completed, there must not be any pictures with nudity or links to adult sites. 

We are a Group that includes members from all over the world and everyone is welcome to participate or just 'lurk and learn'.

Please be aware we also have 'OT' posts that may not be computer related. (Discussions) These posts may include clean jokes, however this should not be 'over done'.